Frequently Asked Questions

I am horrible at crafting/DIY, are ReynaRose Nail Strips newbie friendly?
Yes, simply follow our video instruction, you literally need no manicure skill.

Do I have to wear top coat after ReynaRose Nail Strips?
It is totally OK if you want wear nail strips alone, so NO, you don't have to wear top coat. However, wearing top coat would make your nail strips last longer. You can also use it as print sticker after you apply base coat, and also at top coat in the end, but in this case it would be difficult to peel off.

What are ReynaRose Nail Strips made of?
Unlike most other plastic nail strips on market, ReynaRose Nail strips are made of real odour free nail polish, they work just like nail polish only safer and easier to use!

Can I wear ReynaRose Nail Strips if I am pregnant?
Yes, our product passed SGS standard, it is safe to use for pregnant Ladies.

Can I buy Reynarose Nail Strips for my children to play with?
Yes, as long as your kids are 8 years or older, and make sure your kids do not eat them.

What is the refund policy, what if I want to cancle or return products?
You can cancel your order within 48 hours of purchasing, you can also return or ask refund our product within 30 days of delivery. 

How can i track my packpage?
After we process your order, you will receive an email of your tracking number, with which you can track from our shipping page, or simply scroll down to see shipping accordings.

Will Covid-19 affect shipping?
We will process orders in 2 business day, and we only work with local express carrier, so as to reduce delay rate caused by covid-19, you can find our average delivery time in your country from our shipping page.

How long does it take for my delivery to come?
You can check in our shipping page to check average delivery estimates, during this period it usually takes 7-10 days to US, Oz, UK, DE, FR and some other European countries.

Where are these nail strips shipped from?
We have warehouse in US, CA, OZ and UK, we can delivery in 7-15 days in these countries, also some nearby countries.